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Pokete Wiki

This wiki/documentation is a compilation of all Poketes, attacks, and types present in the Pokete game. The wiki can be generated using $ ./gen_wiki.py.

Use $ ./gen_wiki.py help to get more information about different wikis.

You can find different versions of this wiki:

Table of contents

  1. Poketes
    1. Electro Poketes
      1. Electrode
      2. Kakraholt
    2. Fire Poketes
      1. Lindemon
      2. Wolfior
      3. Wolfiro
    3. Flying Poketes
      1. Bato
      2. Bator
      3. Mothor
      4. Ostri
      5. Owol
      6. Schmetterling
      7. Vogli
      8. Voglo
      9. Voglus
    4. Ground Poketes
      1. Corcos day
      2. Corcos night
      3. Dicki
      4. Dicko
      5. Lil Nut
      6. Raupathor day
      7. Raupathor night
      8. Rollator
    5. Ice Poketes
      1. Cubl
      2. Spikl
    6. Normal Poketes
      1. Hornita
      2. Horny
      3. Mowcow
      4. Ratatat
      5. Rato
    7. Plant Poketes
      1. Bushy
      2. Megapois
      3. Poisopla
      4. Radishon
      5. Radishuk
      6. Radishull
      7. Rosi
      8. Treenator
      9. Wheeto
    8. Poison Poketes
      1. Choka
      2. Pavous
      3. Uberpavous
      4. Würgos
    9. Stone Poketes
      1. Bigstone
      2. Diamondos
      3. Lilstone
      4. Poundi
      5. Steini
    10. Undead Poketes
      1. Angrilo
      2. Bablbam
      3. Confuso
      4. Gobost
      5. Saugh
    11. Water Poketes
      1. Blub
      2. Clampi
      3. Crabbat
      4. Karpi
      5. Kartmen
      6. Rustacean
  2. Attacks
    1. Electro attacks
      1. Charging
      2. Mega Arch
      3. Shock
    2. Fire attacks
      1. Ash Throw
      2. Fire Ball
      3. Fire Bite
      4. Flame Throw
    3. Flying attacks
      1. Brooding
      2. Eye Peck
      3. Flying
      4. Peck
      5. Power Peck
      6. Schmetter
      7. Storm Gale
      8. Wind Blow
      9. Wing Hit
    4. Ground attacks
      1. Dick Energy
      2. Earthquake
      3. Ground Hit
      4. Hiding
      5. Power Roll
      6. Toe Breaker
    5. Ice attacks
      1. Freeze
      2. Snow Storm
      3. Spikes
      4. Sword of Ice
    6. Normal attacks
      1. Bite
      2. Choker
      3. Cry
      4. Meat Skewer
      5. Power Bite
      6. Snooze
      7. Supercow Power
      8. Tackle
      9. Tail Swipe
      10. Web attack
    7. Plant attacks
      1. Apple Drop
      2. Bark Hardening
      3. Branch Stab
      4. Encouragement
      5. Leaf Storm
      6. Poison Spores
      7. Root Slap
      8. Root Strangler
      9. Special Smell
      10. Sucker
      11. Super Sucker
      12. The Old Roots Hit
    8. Poison attacks
      1. Poison Bite
      2. Poison Thorn
    9. Stone attacks
      1. Brick Throw
      2. Dazzle
      3. Dia spikes
      4. Dia Stab
      5. Pebble Fire
      6. Polish
      7. Rock Smash
      8. Sand Throw
      9. Stone crush
    10. Undead attacks
      1. Confusion
      2. Heart Touch
      3. Mind Blow
    11. Water attacks
      1. Bubble Bomb
      2. Bubble Gun
      3. Bubble Shield
      4. Rain dance
      5. Shell Pinch
      6. Wet Slap
  3. Types
  4. Items
    1. AP potion
    2. Healing potion
    3. Hyperball
    4. Poketeball
    5. 'Shut the fuck up' stone
    6. Super potion
    7. Superball
    8. Treat
  5. Effects
    1. Paralyzation
    2. Sleep
    3. Burning
    4. Poison
    5. Confusion
    6. Freezing


In the following all Poketes with their attributes are displayed.

Electro Poketes


A small floating ball that will give you a shock.



A terrestrial crab full of accumulated electrical energy.

   +O O+   

Fire Poketes


An ancient dragon Pokete famous for destroying cities and villages.

 .    __   
/v___/* \  
\-^-/_   \ 


A fiery wolf straight from hell that likes to burn 11 years old butts off.

   (* *)   


A fiery wolf from hell on steroids.

   {* *}   

Flying Poketes


An annoying flying rat.

WW\/* *\/WW


A chongus flying rat.

WW\/o o\/WW


A dark butterfly that will schmetter you away.

 ´       ` 


A very aggressive bird Pokete that lives near deserts; it will try to peck out your eyes.



A nocturnal Pokete that is looking for small children to eat as a midnight snack.



A butterfly that will schmetter you away.

 .__ o __. 


A very common bird Pokete; it lives everywhere.



A very aggressive bird Pokete that can only be found in the woods.



A very aggressive and hard to find bird Pokete.


Ground Poketes

Corcos day

A small heavy thing that can be found on the ground; it may reveal something wonderful later.


Corcos night

A small heavy thing that can be found on the ground; it may reveal something wonderful later.



A little whatever that sticks out of the ground.

   |  |    


An even bigger whatever that sticks out of the ground.

   |  |    
   |  |    

Lil Nut

A very small whatever that sticks out of the ground.


Raupathor day

A small caterpillar found on leaves.

  '  '  '  

Raupathor night

A small caterpillar found on leaves.

  '  '  '  


A big chunk of stone and dirt that rolls around.

  / o o \  
  | ___ |  

Ice Poketes


A small ice cube.

   |* *|   


A block of ice.

  | * * |  

Normal Poketes


A majestic horse that is always looking for something to pick with its horn.



A teenage unicorn in the middle of puberty.



A cow-like creature found in meadows.



A damn dangerous and enourmous rat; it will bite of your leg.

   \* */   


An annoying rat.

   \o o/   

Plant Poketes


A bush, and just a bush. But watch out!



A not at all suspicious plant.

    w w    
  w |/.    


A unsuspicious plant.

     w .   
 .__ |/|   


A small plant Pokete found burried in the ground.

 .__ / __. 
   /o o\   
   \ - /   


A small plant Pokete deeply burried in the ground.

 .__   __. 
  _/o o\  \
\/ \ - /_/ 


A small plant Pokete found in the ground.

  _  \  _\ 
 / \_/_/   
  _/o o\  \
\/ \ - /_/ 


A plant Pokete that's often mistaken for a normal flower.



A scary and dangerous apple tree.



A plant Pokete found in Agrawos; it has special 'Powers'.

    \ /    

Poison Poketes


A fucking dangerous and enormous snake Pokete.

/____ * \  
 (   \   \ 
\______   \


A tiny spider like Pokete.

 /  ''  \  
w        w 


Dnagerous spider like Pokete with strong mandibles.

//  '''  \\
W         W


A dangerous snake Pokete.


Stone Poketes


A big and heavy stone made from one of the hardest materials.

|  o   o  |
|   ---   |


A precious diamond that can only be found in the darkest caves.

   <o o>   


A small but powerful stone Pokete that lives in the mountains.



A powerful and heavy stone Pokete that lives in mountain caves.

  < o o >  
  < --- >  


A squared stone that can be readily found just lying around.

 | o   o | 
 |  www  | 

Undead Poketes


A ghost Pokete that will scare your pants off.

 .░░( )░░. 
.         .


Dead or alive entity with slow movement and mental ability.

 / ; \     


A ball floating around in dark woods and caves, that will confuse the shit out of you.



A scary ghost Pokete that lives in caves and old houses.

 ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ 


The dark and fiery souls of those who got burned to death by the hot sun!


Water Poketes


Very delicious and low fat water Pokete.

 / o   \   
 >   v  >< 


A shell that lives deep in the sea or near bays; it's pretty hard to crack.

  -/ * \-  


A crusty Pokete that loves to pinch big toes.

 (  ___  ) 
  \-* *-/  
   ^   ^   


A harmless water Pokete that can be found everywhere.



A freshwater fighting fish Pokete.

 /O   _\/))


A crusty Pokete that will pinch your toes and check whether or not you borrowed something.

 {  ^^^  } 
  \-* *-/  
   ^   ^   


Those are all attacks present in the game.

Electro attacks


Gives the enemy a shock.


Charges up the Pokete.

Mega Arch

Gives the enemy a massive shock.

Fire attacks

Fire Bite

Burns and bites the enemy at the same time.

Ash Throw

Throws ashes in the enemy's eyes.

Flame Throw

Hans! Get ze Flammenwerfer!

Fire Ball

Casts a fireball at the enemy.

Flying attacks


Gives the Pokete the ability to fly you around.


A peck at the enemy's weakest spot.

Wind Blow

Casts a gust of wind at the enemy.

Storm Gale

Casts a vicious and violent storm full of rain and hail, hitting the enemy in its weakest spots and makes it want to die.


Schmetters the enemy away.

Eye Peck

Pecks at one of the enemy's eyes.

Wing Hit

Hits the enemy with a wing.


Regenerates 2 HP.

Power Peck

A harsh pecking on the enemy's head.

Ground attacks


Moves the ground with tremendous force.

Power Roll

Rolls over the enemy.

Toe Breaker

Breaks the enemy's toes.

Ground Hit

Damages the enemy with an unpredictable hit out of the ground.

Dick Energy

Collects a great amount of energy in the Pokete's tip.


Makes the Pokete hide under the ground to minimize damage.

Ice attacks


Freezes the enemy.

Snow Storm

Summons a snow storm full of ice spikes onto the enemy.

Sword of Ice

Stabs a giant ice spike into the enemy.


Stabs the enemy with some small ice spikes.

Normal attacks


Tackles the enemy very hard.


So loud that it confuses the enemy.


A hard bite with sharp teeth.

Power Bite

The hardest bite you can think of.


Chokes the enemy and makes it weaker.

Tail Swipe

Swipes through the enemy's face.

Meat Skewer

Drills a horn deep in the enemy's flesh.


Makes the enemy sleepy.

Supercow Power

Makes the Pokete angry and strong.

Web attack

Thows web towards enemy in order to immobilize.

Plant attacks

Special Smell

Spreads a special smell that will make the enemy confused but very happy.

Apple Drop

Makes an apple drop on the enemy's head.


Encourages and strengthens all Poketes in your team.

Super Sucker

Sucks 2 HP from the enemy and adds to its own.


Sucks 1 HP from the enemy and adds to its own.

Root Strangler

Uses old and crusty roots to strangle the enemy.

Root Slap

Uses old and crusty roots to slap the enemy.

The Old Roots Hit

An ancient attack that summons the deepest and oldest roots from deep in the earth to defeat the enemy.

Leaf Storm

Blasts a bunch of spiky leaves at the enemy.

Bark Hardening

Hardens its outer layers to protect itself.

Poison Spores

Ejects some poisonous spores onto the enemy.

Branch Stab

Stabs the enemy with a branch, preferably in the enemy's eyes.

Poison attacks

Poison Bite

Makes the enemy weaker.

Poison Thorn

Stabs a venomous thorn into the enemy's flesh.

Stone attacks

Pebble Fire

Fires pebbles at the enemy and makes it blind.

Sand Throw

Throws sand at the enemy and makes it blind.


Upgrades defense and attack points.

Brick Throw

Throws an Euler brick at the enemy.

Stone crush

Crushes the enemy between two heavy stones.

Rock Smash

Pounds the enemy with the Pokete's full weight.

Dia Stab

Stabs the enemy with a giant diamond spike.


Shines a bright light at the enemy and dazzles them.

Dia spikes

Throws a heck of a lot of diamond spikes at the enemy.

Undead attacks

Heart Touch

Touches the enemy's heart with cold, ghostly claws.


Confuses the enemy.

Mind Blow

Causes confusion deep in the enemy's mind.

Water attacks

Bubble Gun

Fires some bubbles at the enemy.

Rain dance

Summons rainy clouds.

Bubble Bomb

A deadly bubble.

Bubble Shield

Creates a giant bubble that protects the Pokete.

Wet Slap

Gives the enemy a cold and wet slap in the face.

Shell Pinch

Pinches the enemy with its strong shell.


Those are all the Pokete/Attack types that are present in the game with all their (in)effectivities against other types.

Type Effective against Ineffective against
Stone Flying, Fire Plant
Plant Stone, Ground, Water Fire, Ice
Water Stone, Flying, Fire Plant, Ice
Fire Flying, Plant, Undead, Ice Stone, Water
Ground Normal Flying, Ice
Electro Stone, Flying Ground
Flying Plant Stone
Undead Normal, Ground, Plant, Water, Poison Fire
Ice Water, Plant, Ground Fire
Poison Normal Undead


Those are all items present in the game, that can be traded or found.

AP potion

Refills the Poketes attack APs.

Healing potion

Heals a Pokete with 5 HP


For catching Poketes with a waaay higher chance


A ball you can use to catch Poketes

'Shut the fuck up' stone

Makes trainer leaving you alone

Super potion

Heals a Pokete with 15 HP


A ball you can use to catch Poketes with an increased chance


Upgrades a Pokete by a whole level.


Those effects can be given to a Pokete through an attack.


Paralyses the enemy and stops it from attacking. This is reverted randomly.


Makes the enemy fall asleep and stops it from attacking. This is reverted randomly.


Sets the enemy on fire and damages them with 2 HP every round. This is reverted randomly.


Poisons the enemy and damages the enemy with 1 HP every round. This is reverted randomly.


Makes the enemy hurt it self. This is reverted randomly.


Freezes the enemy and stops it from attacking. This is reverted randomly.