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Cosmos-sdk docs suck

Cosmos-sdk is a great framework for building blockchains for the cosmos ecosystem, but the docs just suck. Cosmos-sdk First of all there ARE rather in depth docs for cosmos, but the flaw with those docs is that they describe the inner workings of a certain feature in depth, but don’t show how to actually use them. Take the gov module as an example, in cosmos governance can be used to let the userbase of the chain decide on the future of the chain, for example by changing parameters or adding new code snippets.

The development status of Pokete

Soon the next bigger version (0.7.0) of Pokete will be released, but what new features will this bring? This is a more in depth Changelog. Under the hood At first the biggest changes regard some under the hood stuff, like a restructuring of most of classes and their files. Many classes and functions formerly contained in the main file have been moved to their own files, to better organize most of the code, and therefore singleton objects now can be initialized in their own files, and because of that can be just import by code depending on them, that also removes most of the dependency injection and shrinks function heads.